About Aupac


Since founding of our company Aupac, we have been devoting ourselves to developing
carbon brushes with the support of valuable customers.
Although carbon brushes that are neither gorgeous nor well-known products, these are important products that supports the modern industry. We are proud to have customers who support us, and we contribute to society with this business.

On the other hand, in order to continue to contributing to the society, we believe that it is essential to have a management structure that respond flexibly to the changes, human resource development, and product development. We will continue to make further efforts with the human power, engineering power, and creativity cultivated through support of our customers.

The cooperation, continued guidance and support from all of you would be highly appreciated.

President Shinya Ashimura

Company Profile

Founded August 1st, 1958
Capital 45,000,000yen ($450,000)
No. of employee JAPAN (61) CHINA(330)
Business Development of materials for, designing, manufacturing and sales of carbon brushes.
Assembly of brushes and peripheral components.
Manufacturing of molds for brushes and precision leaf-spring brush assemblies.
Director Chairman
Outside Director
Corporate Officer
Corporate Officer
Yuzuru Yoshida
Shinya Ashimura
Manabu Iwata
Tomio Yamada Kimio Sakai
Junji Hoshino
Masahiko Enda
■Dalian Aupac Co., Ltd.
Founded November 12th 1988
Company Form Japan Aupac invest 100%
Capital US$2,775,000
Total Investment US$3,962,000
No. of employee 330
President Shinya Ashimura

Quality Policy

We at Aupac value the synergy effect between “product creation” and “human resources development.” 
Our corporate policy is to strive to be “the world’s best in quality,” based on such emphasis.

Environment Policy

Aupac recognizes the protection of the global environment
to be one of the most important issues facing all of humanity, 
and is committed to environmental awareness in every facet of our corporate activities.


Head Office & Main Plant

1-3-6 Fukami-higashi, Yamato City, Kanagawa Pref.
Dalian Aupac Co., Ltd.

No.12,Harbin Road, Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone, Liaoning Province, P.R.C.


Aug 1958 Takeshi Susa (founder) founded a privately owned company Nitto Carbon Works and started carbon production and sales in 1-32 Higashi-kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
Sep 1963 Constructed a carbon brush process plant in Yamato City. Developed automatic molding technology. Manufactured primarily silver and copper carbon brushes for micro motors.
Jul 1973 The company was renamed to Aupac.Co.,Ltd
Feb 1987 Aupac Technical Center completed in Yamato City.
Nov 1988 Founded Dalian Aupac Co., Ltd. a subsidiary in Dalian, China. Invested US$3,060,000. (Leased standard plant.)
May 1993 Completed Shirakawa Plant in Shirakawa City, Fukushima.
Dec 1996 Developed and began sales of Japan’s first carbon commutator for fuel pumps.
Feb 1998 Developed high-electric-current-density-compatible material for cordless DC electric power tools.
Jun 1998 Developed GS-180, a brush for electric power tools with dynamic braking mechanisms.
Jan 1999 Developed HC-439, a brush material for vacuum cleaners.

Aug 1999

Gained ISO9001 certification.
Nov 2002 Gained ISO14001 certification.
Sep 2007 Started sale of carbon brush for Wind turbine.
Apr 2011 Succeeded life long duration of carbon brush for vacuum cleaner 120V.
Feb 2012 Started a technical partnership with Pune Carbons in India.
Dec 2014 Succeeded development for Tiny Carbon brush.
Mar 2016 Established Pune Aupac Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Mar 2018 Started mass production of "Tiny carbon brush".
Mar 2019 Completed new factory in Pune Aupac at CHAKAN INDUSTRIAL AREA in Pune city, India.

Other special features

Management meeting with the participation of all employees

Each departments calculate their own profit by themselves.
This is indipendent participation in company Management, and very meaningful system.

Propulsion of 5S activities

"5S" means "Seiri = Sort" , "Seiton = Tidy" , "Seiso = Clearn", "Seiketsu = Neatless", "Shitsuke = discipline".
This is the activity that aims eliminate waste and improve labour effectiveness, quality of manufacturing.
The result of these activities, we can supply good quality items to valuable customers.
We carry out 5S contest between each department per three months.
Each department tackles business improvement and environmental manipulation.